Vegan Living - Get Happy


I'm a vegan. I'm a writer. Since becoming vegan, I have inevitably wanted to put my (dare I say so myself*) way with words, to good use for the v-gang. Here I am celebrating the wondrous beauty of our recent trip to Portugal, where we dined like royalty, upped our yoga game and switched off our phones. 

Out in glossy new magazine Vegan Living now - a four page spread about the magnificent Vale de Moses, which I could shout about all day long. Or rather, whisper, for it is a peaceful place. 

Whoop whoop!

*Yes, I do dare. I won a writing award the other day. And Andy, the man what runs the retreat, just told me this was the "best, funniest, most inspiring review we've ever had." So allow me this moment to show off while I'm basking in his approval, then I'll go back to self doubt forthwith.