The Honestly Good Smoothie Co

Hold up! This is a review: I was sent complimentary smoothies.


It’s January and we’re all trying to be better versions of ourselves. I haven’t had a coffee in 12 days! Send me prizes!

This month I discovered that every plant based bunny’s favourite scientist, Dr Michael Greger, has an app called the Daily Dozen. Tapping into my urgent need to tick boxes every day of my life, The Daily Dozen app is genius. You tick off each of the 24 items he suggests you consume on a daily basis and hats off if you make it to 24. (It’s a dozen items, but some are repeated several times, such as glasses of water and vegetables.) I LOVE it. Tick, tick, tick.

And one way to get those ticks ticked is to start the day with a smoothie! Smoothies are a bit like Thai Green Curry for me, in that I eat them every damn day and yet I’m not progressing as a smoothie maker. I must have made 17,547 Thai Green Curries in my life, yet I’m rubbish at making it. I should be a master artist by now. Same problem with my smoothies. Perhaps I don’t progress because my smoothie routine goes: chuck in a banana and some frozen cherries, add too much milk, whizz, then say godammit why is this so sloppy, it’ll make a rubbish foundation for a smoothie bowl. Slurp it back.

The Honestly Good Smoothie Co was founded by Vikesh Kotecha and like all good business ideas, it came to Vikesh when he himself was in need - suffering digestive issues, his mum started feeding him nutritous smoothies full of vegetables and superfoods. Vikesh’s symptoms improved (for we are what we eat, as Dr Greger will tell you) and Vikesh hit upon an idea - 100% organic smoothie mixes for busy, health conscious people. Each smoothie pouch is packed with a medley of fruit AND vegetables - because veg goes in smoothies perfectly wonderfully, as I found out this week. We’re talking broccoli, butternut squash, cucumbers - my smoothie game has been officially upped!


The smoothie ingredients arrive pre-chopped in frozen portions ready for the freezer. So, they last. Unlike my bananas, which are always turning black faster than I can whizz them into mush.

They’re delicious - I especially liked “The Vitamin Sea One” which was pineapple, mango, cucumber, banana, cashews, mint, baobab and lacuma. Special mention must also go to “The Waldorf Cool” - apple, cucumber, kale, walnut, flaxseed, hemp seed and kelp seaweed, because I’m currently obsessed with the nutritional benefits of seaweed.


Sure, it’s lazier than chopping up my own fruit and veg, storing it in the freezer and being more creative with my own smoothies, but if you are time poor, a little bit lazy but also love a healthy start to the day, then you can sign up for a delivery here.

The brand donate two meals to those in need for every box they sell, so it’s basically like doing charity work for breakfast. All the ingredients are ethically sourced and certified organic. All are vegan, bar one - “The Bee-nefit One” contains bee pollen - best left for the bees if you ask me.


A word on the packaging. The goodies currently arrive cooled by wool insulation. While I do advocate less use of the evil little polystyrene fillers (which Lush were still using, much to my dismay, last time I bought Lush goodies online) and other plastics that end up in landfill, as a hardcore vegan I don’t want to participate in the use of wool even if the sheep was treated like royalty and was sheared so gently it thought it was having a massage. However! I asked Vikesh about this and he confirmed he’s moving away from all animal derived products (whoop whoop!) and in March, the liner will be replaced by a synthetic cool bag which can be returned and re-used again and again. Score for animals, score for the planet! 

I’m off to tick some more boxes.