Going Vegan Changed Our Lives


I was delighted when Top Sante commissioned this idea - they may be a health and fitness magazine but they’re not a vegan magazine - so the publication of this piece illustrates just how mainstream the topic of veganism has become. Indeed, when I went vegan three years ago, none of the non-vegan magazines I write for would commission stories on my new favourite subject. Now, they’re all at it!

For this feature I interviewed Laura Jayne, who lost weight, feels great and found purpose and motivation thanks to veganism. Also Emma, who writes the excellent Vegan Womble blog - and Kate, who overcame the painful symptoms of psoriasis arthritis. I’ll let the story do the talking - coming up down below…

But first, a quick plea. Whenever you see a story you love in a magazine, please buy the magazine! It sends a message back to the publisher to show what sells. We need to show ‘em veganism sells! Plus, it would be a damn shame if the magazine industry fades out - not just because I’ll be out of a job. Also because magazines are amazing, inspring, entertaining, empowering and educational. Long may they continue!